31 January 2006

Sakleshpur – Kukke Subramanya Rialway Track Trek

Trek Pics
Trek Trial : Sakleshpur – Kukke Subramanya Rialway Track
Trek Path : Donigal === Edukumeri === Guniya - Kukke Subramanya.
Trekkers :Ravi,Sankara,Anil,Sankara,Amit n Amits Friend,Sridhar,Arun ,Hari(Me) ,Jatin,Bennet n Murali.

Quick Tour on the Trek Trial:
Day1:Bangalore to Hassan, sandwiches,ptistops,beer,'ek duje ke liye'hindi movie..hotel suarna..
Day2 : Donigal to Edukumeri , Scary Bridges...Dark Tunnels...Campin, Maggie..Vodka Tonic...
Day 3: Edukumeri to Guniya to Kukke...Mother of all Bridges...Long winding dark tunnels....streams..wildnerness trek trial...Natures Bounty...tired bodies n spirited souls

Day 1 : Jan 13th- 7:30 pm.
The trekkers parked their packs and themselves in to a Tempo Traveler ,started off from Aditi Office on Makeri Circle Road,Bangalore.
Then started a series of Pitstop's....
Pitstop-I : Picked up Sandwiches n partially hogged , myself n sankara were like...abbe..we r not gonna eat that much while on trek..so possibly fill peat now itself.We got almost more than 2-3 sandwiches per head packed up n spent sometime waiting for the chapattis..which didnt make up to end in our trek...

Pitstop -II : Fill in Disel n pickd some booze....maan heavy traffic in the roads towards tumkur....after clearin thro a shit load of traffic we hit a small pit stop to pick Beer ..n proceeded...Movie time..."Ek Dhuje Ke Liye...started off with some kickass hindi movie...
Ravi isnt tht fluent in Hindi...but his intrest in Hindi...kept me awake...'aye'..."Voo Kyaa Sayin Haaai" maan...

Pitstop -III : PetPuja, on the road to kunigal found a Road side Resturant...done with the peat puja there n started off the drive with the movie on.

This ws the fastes ever hindi movie i have seen , but it did make sense...thing is whenever the cd gets stuck we move over to the next cd.this way we had pushed both the 1st n 2nd cd's halfway thro...
Film me tho...Scene: Sapna (Rati Agnihotri) was giving gaalis to her Madrasi based lover Vaasu(Kamal Hassan)..Ravi was very inquistive about whats happenin out there..n he ws in the same situation like our madrasi hero trying to figure out whats the yell about....:-D..Then we had reached Hassan...after small fight through the local town street we hit our Hotel-"Suarna Residency" to find out tht our bookings were taken away by other ppl....thanks to the pitstop's ....thn we spent an hour to strike deal with the sleepin crowd of hotel managmnt..and checkd into the cozy 4 bedeed suite...(it had a bathtub u know!!!)...

Day2: Jan14th 7:30 am :
Alarms kept ringin...woke up...we did the usual crap...n get set to hit for the morning trenchin(trenchin - hoggin)with lots of Idlis n Loads of Sambar for it...:)We then hit Sakleshpur from there another 6 kms...to Donigal ,winding roads through mountains , we then got down at our start point-Donigal Railway station.
Around 11-12 our trek started, awesome location..surrounded by so much of greenary, but phela hour or so..we were getting used to the rialway track, which prevented us from njoyin the natures bounty...as the sun started its movement across...we had to hit on some of thesandwiches,were dry but were yummy... to compensate n we started heading towards edukumeri ....after our lunch breaks...n first ever encounters of bridges n tunnels..Bridges...maan..they r freakin kool..the rialway track bridge ,100-200 ft above the land...no side railings to hold on to...winds hissin pastyou at that height n some had streams in the bottom... ws a kickass fun..:)..breath takin..rmbrd physics too...the sleepers jst pysches ur mind ,u feel like they are movin maan...relative motion...should hv heard of those terms durin school days...finally around we had hit the edukumeri rialway station...then we proceeded on further a km and found out our campin site...awesome palce maan...a water fall on one side of the track which leads to a Tunnel and the side bend to the tunnel in the woods were we camped out...3 Teams...A,B n C...we split across , i learnt the art of tentin..(erectin 'tents')...was too good...Then went ahead to get a short dip in the falls....n wnt ahead starting to prepare our dinner..Dinner...yipee..Magiee ...cooked from the fire created out of wild wood..with some ingenious ideas in preparation of the stove..Ravi,'Gentlemen of the Jury' ws there always...round 1 to 10 r n whtever..he ws always there ready to gobble down the maggie..dinner done...couple of rounds of magiee n some social eatin ..outta da same bowl...People were lined up then to get massage from Sankara..those heavy hands trained on the beatn up bodies...to give some relief n life..then we made this roaring raging ripping fire with help from the Kerosene....thn the booze hour...Vodka Tonic...no glasses...no stir...simple.. take a gulp of orange juice into ur mouth n add to it a large or small of Vodka...rinse it up n push it down...:)... slowly teams...went off to catch up some sleep...the big tebt turnd out to be Crampy ...big fellas maan. ANIILLLL , Bennnet , MEEE n SANKAAAARA n the Baaaaggs....caught between Bennet n Sanakara..maan...Bennet ...vo to pyaar karna suru kardhiya...kabhi haath dal tha hai upar..nahi to taange...

Day3: Jan15th 6:30 am:
Wowwww!! what an awesome morning...hearin to the sounds of the wild birds...awesome clean air...yohoooo.....took a nice ,soothin...sauna ...jaccusizd bath from the water fall...n filled in with some apples n choclates n biscuits..started off the trek...Me , Arun n Ravi were the Laggards....maan..then came the 'SCARY BRIDGE' ever seen , broken ,movin,worn off sleepers...ooof...it ws damn scary......we had to pump our pace today to hit lots of KM's today...maan..this day's trek trial had lots of crazy stuff..

Dark Long (481m) TUNNELS....scray withered off....wooden sleeper laid bridges....streams.....breath takin view of the Mountains n vegetation around...no words to explain natures bounty...wish i cld get a remote connection here to start workin amidst the woods with 'Chopper'service to the city once a week...after covering 12kms...we had our lunch break n hogged on the remaining food stuff packed up...felt lto more to shed load off ur back..then a part of the gang....some who were hurt n tired ( jatin ,arun , anil n bennet) broke off in the middle...towards the so called pleasant way to the road down the hills to go to kukke..had some kickass fun with the 45deg slope plane...through the woods n some crazy slippery river with waist level water..wading to the shores to reach the road...what was thought as to be as a break from the tired soles...ended up addin a kickass thrill n kill to it...then rest of us...proceeded thro the track path towards Guniya...hearin from the few habitants of the palce...once sayin 2-3 kms..others estimating the distance to be some 10-12kms..n some to an extent of 20 odd kms...we finally felt the pain of what now seemingly a Never ending track trial towards Guniya...awesome lunch again...Teplas , thanks to Jatin...maan i just love them....it ws tasting as if like amruth...

finally found the guniya station n got to know that another 10-12 kms still to kukke...thn we decided to ditch the railway track n take the dirt track route through the woods to the main road ....tht strech ws some 6-7 kms....we found out some heavy earth movers working their way out to clear n make some path in the woods...n some kool streams on the way...
It feels like Heavenly to have you feet dipped in tht flowing crystal clear chill stream...thn after some ascend n descend we finally descended n hit the road....after some moments spent in figuring out the way n means to proceed thro...we found the busstop(place where bus will stop)..caught a ksrtc to Kukke...n boarded our dead bodies....n proceeded towards Kukke...20kms...30 mins...through mountains..we were at Kukke..,caught up with rest of the trek folks..boarded the tempo there to get down couple of hundred mts away to take a dip in the stream...thn we had a gud dinner...halfboil(sunny side up r Bull's eye) n some parota...n coffee from the local shop...n picked up some beers

got on the tempo....dead bodies...n spirited tired souls were put to rest n with some crashin speed we had hit bangaleore(300 odd kms) far in 4-5 hrs..throught the ghat roads...awesome drivin by Vinod....Back in Aditi...around 1 or so...n took the bikes...back at BTM house....crashed heavily on the beds with dreams of tracks,Sleepers,Tunnel,Bridges...

KICKASS...EDURANCE Testing...Thrillin....Wilderness Trek .


Anonymous vikram managoli said...

hi dude !!
wassup !!

was planning sumthing 4 this weekend and just typed "kukke trek" on google and lols , ur blog is rite on the top , never expected that ill have a virtual KUKKE TREK online while reading a blog...
great writing , gr8r videos.. keep it up buddy !!
thanks for the tour and all the info ..
will let u know our experiences later ..

all the best !!

- Vikrammanagoli@gmail.com :)

1:12 PM  
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