27 April 2006

Is Rocket Engineering Intresting??

Is it Rocket Science a local jargon in the IT world to classify the grade of work..
Is Rocket science really intresting?? or is it going to be the same 200 million line
DOC which says which part of which config goes where to send the metal chip box in to the space..

3 yrs into IT, i have sort of a come to a Junction ..a crisis ...an internal mental one relating to work....like a middle age crisis...thinking n worrying on his lost youth n the proces to board back into the same deck
what work am i doing? How significant i am finding my work?
Is it keeping me challenging?? Is it Intresting Me??
As such my responses to all these are getting me doomed into my
own thoughts of Am i doing justice to myself??

Am I utlizing my skills ....Am I getting utilized properly...
I aint sure...Most of the IT crowd i meet up with say the same..
"Same thing maan...","Usual Sutff...","Work Goinnnn onnnn.....""too Boring"..

The Laments of techie guy..starts off as he starts warming his seats
doing more value addition in increasing the counter of 'Number of times visited"
of the popular news,jokes sites..."Vetti(Useless) Browsing" thats the term...its like soul searching on Mars...

I aint sure...where to start off...where to head towards...as i get to hear a set of standard questions coming down heavily on you ..like the early morning sleep disturned by the doordharsan's swrilling globe's theme music..

Where do you see urslvs 5 yrs from now?
What do you want to do in life???

Dude...if i am very clear in this...why would i have question likes..."What"..rather i would
be pondering or googling on "How"....

Not sure..what i want to be....i just wanted to pen down ..things tht run like a amchi mumbai suburb train too crowded..too heavy on the rails it runs up n down ..giving you the rattling noise...inside my brain.

Product Management - Am smart in making ideas to product design...n i understand technology..i keep tab of latest trends in technology....i can communicate...articulate enough to put thougts in to words..transfer it across to the other grey matter holders...Should I look ahead for this??

Oracle Apps Functional/Techno Functional :Market is Hot in this area,this would get me closer to the customer.I would understand the working and the business of different sort of companies??I would be able to design the infusement of technology into their main stream work...

A Geek Programmer : Concentrate of Java..Concentrate of Perl...Jump into ..start working...try to move up to a Architect level..
Is it gonna work out..will i be there say mid thrites....or should i go back to school???
Standford..do a MS .PHD ....be a geek....

MBA..the 3 letter magic word when lands on ur shoulders...from the top of the worlds B school ...catapults ur carrer to a new Acid high..
Do i want to do an MBA...why do i ..is it just the fame n the money n the high i think it would give me...If yes..what should i do for it....

What do i wnt to do ....Have a own software company..which builds products...which does outsourcing job...which does consultancy..or should i sell coconuts in the summer sun..probably in Goa..Marutius....Carribean Islands....;-))....

Should I chill out.. Will i get an answer thn....should get an answer....restless...as i get back to the train of thougts...


Anonymous Shiva said...

Dude.... i must say i pretty much go through the same sequence of thoughts..... but eventually ends like how ur blog ended.... NOT SURE... ABSOLUTELY NOT SURE what i want, what I want to do.....

2:10 AM  

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